Construction & Demolition

Donate Your Building Materials

Habitat for Humanity's ReStore accepts donations of gently used and surplus building materials ~ doors, windows, cabinets, lumber, lighting fixtures, and more. Habitat sells these materials at low prices at the ReStore on Rothesay Avenue. The money is used to build homes for low income working families. It’s an environmentally friendly way to save money on home improvements.

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Construction & Demolition:  $35 per tonne (Jan 1, 2024)

The Construction and Demolition (C & D) site at Crane Mountain Landfill is operated in accordance to the requirements established by the Department of the Environment. Only waste generated by construction and demolition projects will be accepted at the C & D site. Waste generated through industrial and commercial process will not be accepted at the C&D site.

Acceptable C & D Waste

a) Bathroom fixtures; sink, toilet, tub
b) Kitchen cupboards  
NOTE:not acceptable; furniture, appliances, window coverings
c) Concrete and brick
d) Grubbing material and brush
e) Clean soil and rock
f) Untreated wood
NOTE: not acceptable; pressure treated or creosote wood
g) Siding, ceiling tile, gyproc, and insulation
NOTE: not acceptable; drywall compound boxes or pails, and insulation bags
h) Solid roofing materials only
NOTE: not acceptable; cans, drums or other packages of roofing adhesives, tar, waterproofing compounds, or roofing product packaging - empty or otherwise.
i) Glass, metals, and durable plastics from the demolition of a building. Vapour barrier is acceptable.
NOTE: not acceptable; light ballasts, fluorescent light tubes, high intensity discharge lights, and mercury thermostats
j) Broken and aged asphalt only and trimmings from roofing projects.
NOTE: not acceptable; cans, drums, or other packages (empty or otherwise) of sealers, adhesives, tar, asphalt products, or waterproofing compounds

Carpets and Floor Coverings

Carpets and floor coverings are only acceptable as C & D waste if found to be attached to structural material from a building demolition project. No other carpet or floor covering is accepted at the C & D site.


Any form of packaging is unacceptable at the C & D site and should be recycled if possible or disposed of in an appropriate manner.  Packaging includes, but is not limited to, items such as cardboard, boxboard, plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic/metal pails and drums, or any product containers.

C & D material may be transported to the disposal site in cardboard boxes and plastic bags. The boxes and bags must be emptied at the site and taken back for reuse, or recycling.  Clean cardboard can be placed in the 35 yard recycling bin located at the C & D site.

Burned Material

Burned material from the demolition of a building will not be accepted as C & D waste unless approved by the landfill Site Supervisor and/or Environmental Coordinator.

Water Damaged or Contaminated Material

Flood damaged material, material contaminated with sewage, animal waste, chemical spills or from other remediation projects will not be accepted as C & D waste.


Friable Asbestos Definition; Waste material containing asbestos fibre or asbestos dust in a concentration greater than 1% by weight that is not tightly bound within a solid matrix such that it is easily crumbled by the hands.

Friable asbestos products will be accepted for disposal by appointment only.  Call 738-1212 for conditions and arrangements.

Non Friable Asbestos - Definition; Waste material containing asbestos fibre or asbestos dust in a concentration less than 1% by weight that is tightly bound within a solid matrix such that it is not easily crumbled.

*Building materials containing non friable asbestos (i.e. siding, tiles, asbestos board) will not be accepted as C & D material.  These materials may be delivered to the landfill cell for disposal at the rate of $135.00 per tonne. (Jan 1, 2024)


A 'Zero Tolerance Contamination Policy' for household waste and other banned materials has been adopted and will be strictly enforced.  Loads dumped at the C & D site which are found to be unacceptable will be removed by the customer and taken to the landfill and a charge of $135.00 per tonne will be applied.  Waste dumped at the C & D site by a customer that has to be removed by Landfill employees and equipment will be charged at $135.00 per tonne plus an additional $75.00 clean up fee.  Loads accepted at the C&D site must be free from any contamination. The sorting of mixed loads and/or contaminants will not be permitted at the C&D site.

Tipping Fee

The tipping fee for acceptable C & D waste is $35.00 per tonne.