Rural Plans & Zoning

A Rural Plan is a land use regulation or by-law that helps guide future development, and minimize the potential for conflicting land uses by establishing zoning standards and permitted uses within each zone.

NEW: Fundy-St. Martins Rural Plan Bylaw

The Village of Fundy-St. Martins is undertaking a new rural plan to replace planning regulations which covered the former Local Service Districts and the former Village of St. Martins that are now within the new Village boundary of Fundy-St. Martins.

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Rural Plans Administered by FRSC 

Rothesay Parish Planning Area
Rural Plan Regulation (PDF) | Zoning Map (PDF)

Simonds Parish Planning Area*
Rural Plan Regulation (PDF) | Zoning Map (PDF)

Village of St. Martins*
Rural Plan Bylaw (PDF) | Zoning Map (PDF)

Saint Martins Parish Planning Area*
Basic Planning Statement Regulation** (PDF)

* Until such time that a new rural plan bylaw is adopted by Fundy-St. Martins Village Council, the existing planning regulations in the Simonds Parish Planning Area, Saint Martins Parish Planning Area and the former Village of St. Martins remain in effect.

** A basic planning statement (BPS) is designed to be a less formal and less comprehensive than a rural plan. They contain statements of objectives, policies and proposals for the future development of a community. A BPS does not commit the community or the Province to undertake any proposals outlined in the statement. However, a development may not proceed in a manner inconsistent with the BPS. While no longer available as a planning tool under the 2017 New Brunswick Community Planning Act, the Saint Martins Parish Planning Area Basic Planning Statement (NB Regulation 94-68) remains in effect until repealed and replaced with a modern rural plan by-law under the Village of Fundy-St. Martins.

For more information on how to apply to the FRSC to amend, rezone, vary, or adjust the requirements of a Rural Plan, please contact planning staff at or 506-343-7946