Forms & Fees


Building ServicesFees
Building Permit                                  $25.00 + $5.00/Thousand
Development Permit $25.00
Electrical Waiver $25.00
Temporary Permit $250.00

Building & Development Permit Application
Electrical Waiver Permit Application


Planning and SubdivisionsFees
Documents (deeds, leases, exemptions, easements, agreements) $100.00
Zoning Confirmation & Outstanding Work Orders $100.00
Zoning Compliance Letter $200.00
All Variances (dimensional, development officer, PRAC) $250.00
Temporary Use App. (PRAC) $250.00
Similar To/Compatible Use App. (PRAC) $250.00
Non-Conforming Use App. (PRAC) $250.00
Terms & Conditions App. (PRAC) $250.00
Subdivision Type 1 $200.00 + $25.00/lot
Subdivision Type 2 (road or private access) (PRAC) $500.00 + $50.00/lot
Special PRAC Meeting TBD (Actual Cost of PRAC meeting)
Zone Amendment/Rezoning Varies - Outlined in Rural Plans

Tentative Subdivision Application
Non-Conforming Use Application
Rezoning Application
Variance Application
Adjustment Application