Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities:

  • GNB Grant portalFind provincial government grant funding opportunities open to non-profit organizations in New Brunswick. Eligibility varies by funding opportunity, but can include official non-profit organizations as well as registered charities, foundations, educational institutions, regional service commissions, municipalities, and other groups that operate for public or social benefit.

  • United WayUnited Way supports, collaborates and invests in agencies who have proven impact. Through research, consultation and experience, we make sure the right people, organizations and skills are at the table to solve the tough problems. While an emergency fix may help in the short-term, our goal is to create lasting change.

  • The Greater SJ Community Foundation: Since 1976, The Greater Saint John Community Foundation has been serving as a trustee of gifts that enhance and strengthen the quality of life in the Greater Saint John area. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing the philanthropic means to move our whole community forward in big ways and small ways, always. By linking caring donors to the needs and interests of our community, together with our partners, we are building a Greater Saint John.

  • Community Action Fund: Funding for Community Action projects is available from the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC). Healthy communities are about creating and improving the physical and social environments where New Brunswickers feel included. It is about the equitable access to health services, educational opportunities, healthy food options, leisure activities, adequate and safe housing, etc. It is creating an environment where individuals can live and thrive with dignity.