Community Development


FRSC plays an important role in ensuring a coherent regional vision and plan in areas such as affordable housing, newcomer settlement services and diversity promotion, social inclusion, and health communities. In 2024, this will expand to include an additional social focus to provide a regional approach to address challenges posed by a growing vulnerable population in the Fundy region, including homelessness, poverty reduction, and mental health.

The Community Development Committee is made up of strong community leaders in a variety of mandate-related sectors. The first year of the Committee's work is to determine the structure, priorities and focus of the Community Development Committee.


Empowering communities, fostering inclusivity, and improving health and well-being outcomes through collaborative community development initiatives.


  • Support the equitable access to programs and services, collaborate regionally, and support initiatives that enhance social inclusion for all across the Fundy Region.
  • Promote successful newcomer settlement and foster diversity through collaboration, engagement, and expanded access to services.
  • Advocate for an inclusive approach to housing and housing inclusivity, reduced legislative barriers, and comprehensive data to understand and meet regional housing needs.
  • Enhance community health outcomes by expanding programs and sharing best practices.


View the  Fundy Regional Strategy for the full report.