As a regional service provider, the Fundy Regional Service Commission follows the Regional Service Delivery Act and is managed by a board of directors consisting of the Mayor or Deputy Mayor of the six local governments, and the Chair of the rural district in the Fundy Region: Fundy St. Martins, Hampton, Grand Bay-Westfield, Saint John, Quispamsis, Rothesay and the Fundy Rural District.

Under the Local Governance Reform, the Commission is tasked with providing leadership in each of the new mandated services.  The Committees formed around each mandate will provide guidance and recommendations to the board and inform the 5-year Regional Strategy. The new mandates will provide an opportunity for collaboration across the region while avoiding duplication.  

Community Development Committee

We will empower communities, foster inclusivity and guide equitable access to programs and services.  Through collaborative regional community development initiatives, we will seek to improve the health and well-being of our residents.  We will advocate for social inclusion and an inclusive approach to housing.  We will foster diversity and promote the successful settlement of newcomers.  

Over the first two years, members will define the scope, focus and structure of the committee through engagement with community partners, asset mapping and a needs assessment.


Empowering communities, fostering inclusivity, and improving health and well-being outcomes through collaborative community development initiatives.


  • Support the equitable access to programs and services, collaborate regionally, and support initiatives that enhance social inclusion for all across the Fundy Region.

  • Promote successful newcomer settlement and foster diversity through collaboration, engagement, and expanded access to services.

  • Advocate for an inclusive approach to housing and housing inclusivity, reduced legislative barriers, and comprehensive data to understand and meet regional housing needs.

  • Enhance community health outcomes by expanding programs and sharing best practices.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members

Name Start Date Expiry Date
John MacKenzie (Chair)    March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 
Mary Schryer  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 
Shilo Boucher  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 
Alexya Heelis  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 
Monica Chaperlin  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 
Julia Woodhall-Melnik  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 
Tamara Kelly  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2024 


Meetings:  Expectation is to host six to eight meetings per year.

The Board reappointed the existing Committee members, Committee chair and Vice Chair, of the Community Development Committee until March 1, 2025.

Regional Transportation Committee

The committee will bring together local governments, the rural district, and stakeholder organizations to establish goals and priorities that address strategic issues around regional transportation, including collaboration on services and needs, with the aim of developing a plan to enable integrated services into the future.


Foster regional collaboration across all aspects of transportation, guided by the principles of sustainability, enhanced quality of life, accessibility, and economic growth.


  • Understand the diverse transportation needs and preferences of users across the Fundy Region.

  • Improve transportation access for residents in the Fundy Region.

  • Enhance the Connectivity of transportation modes within the Region.

  • Promote safe and efficient transportation by addressing conflicts between different modes

  • Address legislative and governance barriers to enhance transportation services in the Region.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members

Name Start Date Expiry Date
Brittany Merrifield (Chair)   March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Mike Biggar  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
Doug Scott  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
Genevieve Sweigard  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
Jon Taylor  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
Tim O'Reilly  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
Chris White  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
Mike Rosehart  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025 
 Jeff Cyr  March 23, 2023  March 23, 2025

Meetings:  Expectation is to host six to eight meetings per year.

Regional Public Safety Committee

The Regional Public Safety Committee focuses on enhancing public safety services in the Fundy Region by serving as a forum for information sharing and feedback among Police, Fire, and Emergency Measures Planning services.


A unified and resilient Public Safety response in the Fundy Region, where seamless interagency collaboration and interoperability empowers our communities to thrive and deliver enhanced and effective public safety service for all.


  • To foster interagency collaboration in the Fundy Region through cooperation, resource sharing, and joint training among public safety agencies to enhance overall emergency response capabilities.

  • Achieve Interoperability among public safety agencies in the Fundy Region to optimize incident response and information sharing through collaboration on systems and operational improvements.

  • Establish a unified and coordinated regional approach to Emergency Measures Organization (EMO) in the Fundy Region by fostering collaboration, sharing resources, and aligning emergency response plans to enhance preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members

Name Start Date Expiry Date
Jim Bedford (Chair)   March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Anika Becker  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Mary Henderson  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Mike Boyle  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Dwayne Hussey  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Kevin Clifford  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Dan Austin  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Marc Maillet  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Mike Raeburn  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Troy Gautreau  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Brian Hunter  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Les Weber  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Dave MacCready  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 

Meetings:  Expectation is to host six to eight meetings per year.

Regional Facilities Committee

The Regional Facilities Committee will drive continuous improvement in regional facilities, recreation programs, and cost-sharing initiatives, to create an environment where collaboration flourishes, outcomes are enhanced, fairness and equity are upheld and the Region thrives.


Expand upon the strong history of collaborative delivery of impactful and responsive programming and events in exceptional facilities through building a framework of trust and accountability, fairness and equity, between communities, operators, partners, and residents.


  • Build a shared value proposition for the Regional Facilities.

  • Attract impactful events and programming.

  • Oversee investments into the regional facilities to uphold sustainability, impact and service to the Fundy Region.

  • Develop an approach to future regional facilities and cost-sharing for recreation and arts program delivery.

Terms of Reference

Committee Members

Name Start Date Expiry Date
Nancy Grant (Chair)   March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Rob Doucet  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Brian Baker  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Brent McGovern  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Aaron Kennedy  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
John Jarvie  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
John Enns-Wind  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 
Richard Malone  March 23, 2023   March 23, 2025 


Meetings:  Expectation is to host three to five meetings per year.

Economic Development and Tourism Promotion

Coordinate, collaborate and deliver successful, regional economic development and tourism promotion services

Promote a Region that embraces growth, aligns economic development and tourism services, and delivers meaningful impact.


  • Maintain a collaborative relationship with Envision Saint John to drive the successful implementation of the Regional Growth Agency’s Strategic Plan, fostering mutual accountability and maximizing the collective impact on economic development and tourism promotion.

In early 2023, the FRSC entered into a service agreement with Envision Saint John to deliver Fundy's Economic Development and Tourism Promotion services.  For more information visit Envision Saint John:  The Regional Growth Agency 

Planning Review and Adjustment Committee (PRAC)

The Planning Review and Adjustment Committee provides variance approvals and advice on other community planning matters, such as re-zonings, for the Fundy Rural District and Fundy-St. Martins Village. More information ...